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Free Shipping Anywhere in the U.S.  (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)

Liftgate Provided on Delivery  


75Lb Bags - 32 total bags/pallet


Please call  us at 253-292-1937 with any Questions  

(Monday - Friday  8:30 - 4:00)

Or reach us through email at


Mexican Beach Pebbles create modern yet timeless accents in any landscaping design. These pebbles are gray and blueish gray in color and they are naturally tumbled smooth from the ocean.  They are very aesthetically pleaseing for rich accents in landscaping.

  • Naturally tumbled smooth from the ocean
  • Beautiful array of blueish gray colors
  • One 75Lb bag will cover approx. 4.5 square feet at a 2" depth
  • 32 total 75Lb bags per 2400Lb pallet - Approx. 144 square feet of coverage at 2" depth


We stock four different sizes of Mexican Beach Pebble:


Small:        1/2” - 1”  diameter

Medium:   1” - 2”     diameter

Large:        2” - 3”     diameter

XL:              3” - 5”     diameter


Our company can supply large quantities of Mexican Beach Pebble, but do not hesitate to place any size order. 


Free Shipping anywhere in the U.S. (Excluding Alaska and Hawaii)

Bagged Mexican Beach Pebble - 2400Lbs

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