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Stone Fountain Installation

for Disappearing Fountain Basin

JB Waterweld epoxy, metal hex fitting, and barbed fitting before installation

Knead the JB Waterweld epoxy with your fingers to activate epoxy curing process (move immediately to next steps as epoxy will begin curing once kneaded)

Place epoxy around the hole to be plumbed

Place hex fitting in to hole with epoxy.  Work the epoxy around the hex fitting to ensure a good connection

Remove excess epoxy around the connection for a nice looking fitting

The barb fitting will thread in to the hex fitting.  The hose will be attached to the barb (no hose clamps necessary)

Place the rubber stopper in to the hole at base of the column

Cut hose in to 3 pieces, one for each column, and attach to 3 way diverter.  (use wire cutters to cut through the spiral)

Hose will come through access door on lid panel.  (You will need to cut a notch in the access door to accommodate the hoses, very easy to cut)

Screw the 3 way diverter on to the pump.  The pump will lay on its' side in order to fit inside the basin with the 3 way diverter attached

Leave control valves wide open on 3 way diverter.  (Use the 2 provided ball valves to control flow between columns)

In the middle of hose segment, cut hose and attach ball valve in convenient to access spot, continue hose from ball valve to stone.  Tallest stone will naturally have lowest flow, therefore, attach the 2 ball valves to the hoses of shortest 2 stones to restrict flow, tallest stone will not need a ball due to naturally lower flow.

Slide the hose on to the barb fitting on the stone.  It will have a secure fit without the need for a hose clamp

Repeat this process for all three stones and arrange the 3 stones for an impressive and easy-to-install water feature

Note:  Basin is 44"x44" square and 11" deep.  The first step is to dig a hole that will accommodate the basin.  The hole should be 11" deep which will make the lid of the basin level with the ground

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