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Pondless Fountain Kit

The Pondless Fountain Kit is a great product for installations of basalt column fountains and stone bubblers which are too large for the use of a disappearing fountain basins. Set your durable 10mil pond liner (10’x6’) as the base of the entire water feature system. Set basalt columns (in concrete) within your pond liner and divert water in to the 44 gallon catch basin located adjacent to the basalt columns. Place your fountain pump in the 44 gallon catch basin and run your hoses (24 feet total) from the 3-way diverter back to your basalt column fountains. Create magnificent pondless water feature with the use of a Pondless Fountain Kit.

The Pondless fountain kit comes with everything pictured here:

  • 44 Gallon Basin with lid 

  • 3-Way Diverter used to power three stone bubblers with only one pump 

  • 24 feet of hose 

  • 3 Single Control Valves for convenient custom placement of water flow distribution control (plus two ¾” fitting per control valve which thread in to control valve and are attached to hose on opposite end)

  • 3 Fountain Plumb Kits used to marry the hose to the stone (epoxy, metal fitting which is epoxied in the plumbing of stone, ¾” fitting which threads in to metal fitting on one end and attaches to hose on opposite end) 

  • Pond liner – 10mil thickness with 10’x6’ dimensions

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