Large Regal Canyon

Basalt Fountain Kit

The Large size Regal Canyon Basalt Column Fountain kit will be a high-end monument in any landscape design.  The size and natural beauty of these monolithic Basalt Column Fountains will draw attention and is sure to be the center-piece of any space. 


Give your outdoor spaces the tranquil sounds of flowing water and bring your landscape design to life with Regal Canyon Column Fountain.  This stone bubbler kit is a pondless fountain system which comes everything you need.  

  • 3 Regal Canyon Basalt Fountains

    • 2', 3', 4' Columns

  • Little Giant 44”x44” Disappearing Fountain Basin

  • 2700 Gallon per hour pump

  • 3-Way Diverter

  • 3/4” anti-kink hose – 12 feet

  • 3 Single Control Valves

  • 3 Fountain Plumb Kits

  • Nine total ¾” fittings

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