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Large Copper Ridge

Basalt Fountain Kit

The Large size Copper Ridge Basalt Column Fountain kit will add a touch of high end grandeur to any landscape design.  The size and natural beauty of these Basalt Column Fountains will draw attention and give an impressive aesthetic . 


Give your outdoor spaces the tranquil sounds of flowing water and bring your landscape design to life with a Copper Ridge Basalt Column Fountain.  This stone bubbler kit is a pondless fountain system which comes everything you need.

  • 3 Copper Ridge Basalt Fountains

    • 2', 3', 4' Columns

  • Little Giant 44”x44” Disappearing Fountain Basin

  • 2700 Gallon per hour pump

  • 3-Way Diverter

  • 3/4” anti-kink hose – 12 feet

  • 3 Single Control Valves

  • 3 Fountain Plumb Kits

  • Nine total ¾” fittings

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