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Regal Canyon 
Basalt Fountain Kit
Set of 3 - 24
", 36", 48"

Natural Stone Basalt Column Fountains are an Impressive feature for exterior or interior design.  Natural stone provides a stunning aesthetic while flowing water gives off tranquil sound. 


Basalt stone fountain kits come with all essential pieces for installation.  Easy and low-cost to install compared to other types of water features.  


  • Impressive natural stone water feature

  • Tranquil sound of flowing water

  • Complete kit with all necessary pieces

  • Ease and low-cost of installation



  • 24", 36", and 48" height basalt columns; 10"- 18" diameter; drilled with 1 1/2" hole

  • Little Giant basin (DFB44) - 44"x 44" square, 11" depth,  3000Lb capacity

  • Little Giant F10-1200 Pump - 2700 gallon per hour pump

  • Triton 3 Way Diverter - Threads to pump, allows for 3 hoses from 1 pump

  • PVC Anti-Kink Hose, 3/4" - 14' of total hose length included 

  • Single Ball Valves - For regulating flow to each individual stone column

  • Fountain Plumb Kits - One for each stone included, use for attaching hose to stone 

Call or Email Us Today at 253-292-1937 /

Or                                         to Purchase Online

Note:  Columns up to 36" in height are managable with a little muscle and maybe a hand truck.  Columns 48" in height become more difficult to handle and can possibly require a machine to move in to place.  DFB44 basin has a capacity of 3000Lbs, the 24", 36", and 48" columns will have a combined weight of approximately only 2000Lbs.  However, the columns must be installed on the basin with care in order to avoid damage to the basin.

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